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POSTED: May 17, 2012

A game of golf is a healthy activity to help gain and maintain flexibility and range of motion. It is a physical activity that includes walking, lifting and repetitive arm movements, providing the benefits of cardiovascular and strengthening exercise programs.

However, returning to action after being on hiatus for several months puts enthusiasts at high risk of injury. The golf swing is a complex, explosive and physically stressful movement that requires the full rotational capacity of 127 joints and the dynamic activation and co-ordination of 400 pairs of muscles.

To avoid injury, Physiotherapists recommend:

" Walking 20-30 minutes a day, three to four times a week; during the golf season

" Begin practicing your grip on the club;

" Practice your back swing. Keep the club at waist level and slowly increase to a full swing;

" Start with one of the shorter clubs and work up to the longer, heavier irons.

" Stretch as a warm-up, as a break during repetitive movements and as a cool-down after your golf game. It helps you to move easily, keeps muscles flexible and relaxed, joints mobile, and relieves tension and strain.

" Gear - such as your golf shoes, clubs and golf bag - are meant to ease the work, not cause additional strain.

" Carry your golf bag over both shoulders and walk upright. If you have a one-strap system, alternate sides;

" Push rather than pull a wheeled golf cart;

" Hold clubs in a loose, comfortable grip to reduce strain in your hand and forearm;

" When standing for long periods, stand tall and occasionally shift your weight from one foot to the other, or rest one foot on your golf bag or cart.

Reduce strain by fitting the clubs to the golfer,
not the golfer to the clubs - Physiotherapists recommend that golfers choose their golf equipment to match their skill level and body type.

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