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Victoria Physiotherapy Tips – Getting The Most Out Of Gardening – Part 2

POSTED: August 9, 2011

August in Victoria is a bountiful pleasure in our garden city. There is nothing like fresh produce from the garden. Not only does a garden provide fresh fruits and vegetables but thirty minutes of yard work, planting or raking gives great general health benefits such as preserving flexibility, increasing mobility and building strength and endurance. However, many people overdo it in the garden. This week we continue to share the advice of the Physiotherapy Association of BC with more physiotherapy tips for the garden.

5. Raking or hoeing – keep your tools close to your body and your back straight to reduce strain. Use your arms and avoid twisting your trunk. Use long-handled tools suited to your height.

6. Weeding or planting – do not bend from the waist. Squat or kneel on a kneeling pad or use tools with long handle.

7. Digging or shovelling – insert the head of the shovel vertically into the ground and step on the blade. Lift small amounts at a time and bend at the knees, using your legs not your back to lift the load. Avoid twisting. Use a wheelbarrow to move big or heavy loads.

8. Lifting or carrying – know your limits and lift properly: bend your knees, not your back. Keep the load close to your body. Don’t lift items that are too heavy for you to handle – get help! Use a wagon or wheelbarrow to transport supplies and / or to move or carry heavy items.

9. Pruning or trimming – get as close to your work as possible. Don’t stretch beyond your reach or past your stable footing. Rehearse the movement as a stretch first to test your ability and positioning.

10. Remember to take a moment to site back and enjoy your hard work.

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